The Deaf Dog Network was launched in January 2011 and has grown quickly into an organisation which has been making a positive difference to people and dogs alike. The organisation educates through giving seminars and workshops to canine based work places and organisations. They can be found providing demonstration and information at events such as All About Dogs Shows, Paws In The Park, Love Pets and smaller fun dog events. The Deaf Dog Network is the legacy of Bailey and Golumm the canine Co-founders. They are missed deeply every single day.


To educate therefore improving the lives of deaf dogs.

To provide information and assistance regarding deaf dog behaviour and training.

To offer a network of deaf dog experienced people for support.

To assist UK rescues train and find homes for deaf dogs.

To show that deaf dogs can and do lead full and happy lives.

To show that deaf dogs are just as trainable as any other ~ including off lead exercise and competing in dog sports such as agility and flyball.

To protect through education those pups who happen to be born deaf.